For some legal documents to be effective outside the United Kingdom, they must be ‘legalised’. Legalisation is the official confirmation that the signature, seal and stamp of the notary is that of a genuine, practising UK notary public.

Stage one involves the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO): they verify the notary’s signature and attach an ‘Apostille’ to your document or to the Notarial Cover Sheet prepared by the notary.


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MyNotary Glasgow G20 area specialises in:

I am familiar with the (often lengthy) documentation required when

  • Drafting and validating Powers of Attorney
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  • Individuals relocating to Scotland; particularly from Hong Kong
  • Individuals go to live or work overseas
  • Notarising documents for doctors going to work in Australia
  • Teachers relocating to UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi being the most popular) or Qatar
  • Citizenship documentation, notably Irish citizenship
  • Completing trade agreements with countries outside the scope of Hague Convention, for example, trading with China
  • Companies setting up branch offices or opening bank accounts outside of the United Kingdom


Please note that our minimum charge is £72.

What is required?

Please bring your passport with you and another document, perhaps a letter, linking you to your UK address. This information will enable me to be satisfied of your identity and to attest that you have appeared before me, signed a document in front of me.