Consular Legalisation

Specialising in:

I am familiar with the (often lengthy) documentation required when

  • Individuals relocating to Scotland; particularly from Hong Kong
  • Individuals go to live or work overseas
  • Notarising documents for doctors going to work in Australia
  • Teachers relocating to UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi being the most popular) or Qatar
  • Citizenship documentation, notably Irish citizenship
  • Completing trade agreements with countries outside the scope of Hague Convention, for example, trading with China
  • Companies setting up branch offices or opening bank accounts outside of the United Kingdom


Please note that our minimum charge is £48.

What is required?

Please bring your passport with you and another document, perhaps a letter, linking you to your UK address.
This information will enable me to be satisfied of your identity and to attest that you have appeared before me, signed a document in front of me.

Consular Legalisation:

Some countries require a further verification process from their embassies or consulates. We can do all this for you, just ask.


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